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MS1830  Analog RGB to CVBS/S-Video Converter
General Description
  The MS1830 is a single chip RGB to CVBS/S-Video converter with embedded SDRAM.It consists of 10-bit triple-ADC for RGB input,ITSC/PAL encoder with 10-bit DAC for output,integrated OSD function It is capable of video enhancement,3D noise reduction,brightness/saharpness and hue adjustment,which can help the designer acquired video quality.
Analog Input

  10-bit triple-ADC
  Maximum analog sampling rate up to 165MSPS
  Supports analog input range:0.45V-1.1V(P-P)
  Supports RGBHV input
  Auto offset/phase adjustment
  Supports input resolution up to 1080P
Auto-mode Detection
Auto Position(Blank)Detection
External Memory Controller

  Supports 2M Byte memort size
  16-bit data access
  Memory bus speed up to 135MHZ
  Independent horizontal and vertical scaling up and down from(1/8)x to 8x
  Frame rate conversion
Video Enhancement
  Black/white level expansion
  Color transition improvement
  Dynamic peaking
  Dynamic range expansion
  Brightness saturation,contrast and hue adjustable
Embedded OSD
  Supports 1 bit DRCS character mode
  Zoom in
  One OSD window with alpha-blending
Output Format
  10-bit triple-DAC for component video output
  Supports CVBS and S-Video output
  Suports NTSC(J,M,4.43)and PAL(B,D,G,H,M,Nc,60)
2-wire I2C Slave Interface

  TQFP-48 plastic(7mm x 7mm)
  PB-free and RoHS compliant
  Car Infotmainment Device
  VGA to CVBS Adapter/Docking Station
  Handheld/Portable Device

Function Block Diagram

Function Description
  The MS1830 is a Single Chip VGA to AV Converter,which support 10-bit quality DAC,CVBS and S-Video output simultaneously
Horizontal/Vertical Scaling and Frame Rate Conversion
  MS1820 Horizontal/Vertical scaling engine can change the video resolution,which scaling ratio from(1/8)x to 8x both for Horizontal and Vertical,Frame tate conversion engine can change the video frame rate such as 50Hz to 60Hz.
OSD Engine
  The Embedded character-based OSD Engine supports 1 bit DRCS character mode. The MS1830 supports 256 levels of alpha blending to overlay OSD image on background video.

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